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Champion Karocoons Cinnabar (Thomas) a red classic tabby with white.

Thomas was born on 22.12.2001 and his parents are Kimber and Sterling. Thomas was the Feline Control Council (FCC) of Western Australia's Semi-long kitten of the year in 2002.

Grand Champion Kassaro Atlantiss (Lantiss) a brown classic tabby.

Lantiss was bred by Sandra Turpin of Kassaro Maine Coon Cats, in the Isle of White, UK. She was born on 18.04.2000. Sadly, Atlantiss only had 1 litter of kittens (can be seen on our home page).

Karocoons Annaburgite (Annie) a brown classic tabby.

Annies parents are Atlantiss (above) and Rocky and she was born on the 20.03.2001


Dave is my daughter Laura's 16.1 bay throughbred gelding. Dave is very cheeky and is a real character!


Fraggle is Laura's new horse, a very sweet 16.3 hh thoroughbred gelding.


Logan is Laura's very naughty little red tabby moggie! He is always causing a stir at home with the other cats! He has the most beautiful pattern, and has been doing very well in the domestic classes of our shows!


Billy is a very affectionate Black oriental. He and logan are "partners in crime", and love nothing more than to cause as much trouble as possible!


Last updated 29 September, 2007