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Himedurama Samarskite (Sammy) a brown classic tabby with white.

Sammy was born on the 24.05.2000 and was bred by Michie Shinmoto of Himedurama Maine Coon Cats in Toride-shi, Japan. Sammy has now retired from breeding, after producing many beautiful babies for us!

Himedurama Kimberlite (Kimber) a brown patched tortie tabby with white.

Kimber was also bred by Michie Shinmoto and was born on the 17.01.2001. Kimber, like her half sister Sammy, has also retired from breeding. Both of these lovely girls are great grandmothers now!

Grand Champion Coonhaven Magic Marcasite (Marci) a silver classic tabby.

Marci was bred by Vicki Tuik of Coonhaven Maine Coon Cats in Victoria on the 05.05.2002.

Champion Karocoons Gypsum (Miss Chevious a.k.a. Chevy) a brown classic tabby female with white.

Chevy was born on the 09.03.2003 and her parents are Sammy and Sterling

Champion Karocoons Jadite (J.D) a brown classic tabby with white.

J.D was born on the 18.11.2003 and her parents are Sammy and Rocky.

Karocoons Milarite (Millie) a silver tortie tabby with white.

Millie was born on 10.10.2004 and her parents are Kimber and Ice. She is a very naughty and extremely playful kitten!

Karocoons Rhodochrosite (below)
Rudy is a beautiful brown classic tabby female. She was awarded Perth Royal Show 2005 Supreme Exhibit as a 7 1/2 month old kitten 

Coolcoons Chalcedony (Charlie) a black with white.

Charlie was born on the 13.11.03 and was bred by Fiona Cooper in New South Wales.


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